Content marketing

Content marketing is a real buzzword in marketing at the moment, and with good reason. Done well, a carefully crafted piece of content can reach a huge number of people in a very short space of time, and as part of a campaign it can be a very powerful means of engaging with your audiences.

So what is it? Well, content is nothing new – we’ve been writing white papers, features, advice pieces, creating videos, developing images and graphics and much more to get across company messages that resonate with audiences for a very long time. The exciting development is the distribution channels now available, the ability for audiences to share and the very many search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits that well-crafted content delivers.

Since 1998 when Google first launched, content has been the key influencing driver for SEO – and it still is. This means that an effective content marketing strategy needs to be based on the key search terms and phrases that are being used by your target audiences in order to boost your ranking in Google searches. We can help you do all this and much, much more.

By creating quality content that is visually appealing and contains valuable information, your audiences will not only engage but share via social media networks – generating powerful peer-to-peer word of mouth. Everyone is an influencer today and people search for wider opinion from people they know and / or trust about products and services, whether on rating sites, blogs or social networks. Content should therefore be enabled for a brand’s website, social networks, online PR, review sites, blogs and other media to help engage with your prospects and influence sales.

So what makes good content? Content should never be created for its own sake. Rather, it needs to support at least one of your marketing or business goals. Consider how content can help your business – or have a chat with us so that we can advise you.

It’s really important that content is visually appealing. A picture has always told a thousand words and in this information-hungry but fast-paced digital world, people like receiving information in bite-sized chunks – and graphics, film and images can do this beautifully. Luckily we sit alongside talented designers in Mobas and have a trusted network of photographers and film-makers to create graphics, images and videos that work