Media training

At Mobas we can certainly get you the opportunities but when it comes to the crunch, can you perform?

We work with a top media training company comprising BBC journalists who will challenge you and put you through your paces, as well as help you to feel relaxed and comfortable during interviews. Most importantly, the team will help tease out interesting and relevant information that will make the media come back for more.

Tailored workshops will consider why it’s important to engage with journalists, looking at opportunities to influence agendas, raise profile and build reputation across a range of print, broadcast and digital outlets.

The team will give an overview about how the media works, explaining typical deadlines and priorities and what journalists want, when and how to tell the right news story – as well as the importance of impact.
Tips will be given on how to connect with an audience and the importance of preparation and solid briefing before any appearance on air.

It will also show how to minimise risks to your reputation by taking control of interviews and explain how to handle difficult questions. Social media is also covered, with consideration given to how journalists use social media to source stories and find guests, together with safeguards to minimise the risks of engaging via social media.

By the end of the course our clients feel equipped to deal with the media in a way they wouldn’t have been able to even consider beforehand.