Public Relations

Honesty is the best policy and while the old adage has always been an admirable principle in PR, it has never been more relevant than in today’s digital world. The key to building relationships with our audiences, whether journalists, businesses or consumers, is trust – and this can only be achieved by being truthful and transparent in all communications.

One of the key drivers in recent times has been the increasing power of the consumer. The advent of social media has given consumers a voice that can be heard by millions, in real time, and it is their opinion of your brand that they will be talking about – not just what they have read or been told. This is not a negative, but a really exciting development that delivers huge opportunities to engage directly with your audiences, developing relationships and creating brand ambassadors that speak to their peers – the strongest endorsement of all.

And it’s not just consumers that use social media. Twitter is a really powerful tool used by many journalists and provides a great way of raising awareness of your brand to key media contacts. In fact, social media is used by many people to find out information, so whether you need to get in front of media, your customers or the wider industry, a strategic social media strategy can form an important part of any PR plan today.

We don’t just use social media as well as working with journalists and others in the press, we also engage with bloggers, vloggers, consumers, businesses, trade event organisers, charities, schools, hospitals, suppliers, dignitaries, celebrities and employees – by phone, face-to-face and online. In fact we’ll approach and start up those all-important conversations on your behalf with carefully crafted messages in order to build and grow relationships that will enable us to create hard-hitting PR campaigns and ultimately deliver powerful results for your business.

But the starting point for all these conversations is you, our customers – and that’s where we begin. We talk to you at every stage, from the immersion and planning stages to the ongoing management and reporting, to ensure that PR activity is not just on target to support your corporate objectives but remains on track throughout the whole process. And then we’ll talk some more to report our shared successes.