Social media strategy and platform management

Everyone knows about social media and most people understand that it can deliver huge benefits to your business. However, knowing exactly what they want to achieve from such campaigns and how it can be done is not always so easily understood.

Like any marketing activity, you need to figure out what your end goals are before you start. This not only keeps campaigns focused but also makes success easier to measure. Social media activity needs to be mapped out in order to be in conjunction with your company’s overall targets and we’ll work closely with you to decide how best to use social media to help reach them.

It’s not enough to simply be ‘on’ social media: it can be the first place that people look for information on your business so it’s important to utilise any company pages to maximum effect.

A common mistake is to view social media as a one-way sales channel – but publishing content that simply promotes your products is just not going to do your brand any favours.

You can’t really separate social media from content marketing. It’s nothing without content, but on the flip side social media is needed to distribute content. Together they can work beautifully to increase awareness of your brand, retain customers through inspiring brand loyalty, increasing engagement and providing an effective means to reach targeted groups.

It’s worth considering your brand’s personality and what tone of voice you adopt: are you friendly, tongue-in-cheek, do you need to be a guide or an educator? Our Mobas brand strategy team can work closely with you to work out your brand voice, which can then be used in all communications to help strengthen your brand’s presence. Only once you’ve got this worked out can you develop a truly successful social media strategy.

Your content needs to engage with people, pique their interest and provide them with information that they want. Well-thought-out images work – and creating content that is visually engaging is more likely to capture the attention of your audiences. Video, while its use is on the up, is still seen as a relatively untapped area.

But with YouTube’s steadfast popularity and more and more platforms offering new ways to upload and share clips, film is an area worth considering in line with your audiences and overall objectives.

There are a huge and growing number of social media platforms available, but you don’t have to use them all. Don’t focus on individual platforms but on your end goals and audiences. One of the many lovely things about social media is the analytics available, providing us with great measurement tools so that we can ensure that your objectives are being successfully met at every step of the way.