The Challenge

Mobas was awarded the brand development project for d’Arry’s, a premium food-led brand from the Greene King hospitality portfolio with an emphasis on credibility, quality of food and the diner experience.

Our approach

The existing brand was perceived to exude quality but was extremely traditional in its outlook. The initial research undertaken by Mobas demonstrated that, in order to better reflect the overall offering, we needed to inject more confidence into the personality of the d’Arry’s brand, while the brand identity needed a more informal outlook in order to remain accessible.

Mobas initially presented three creative routes for the development of the d’Arry’s brand. The option eventually selected was designed to add a large amount of personality and friendliness to the brand while accentuating the pubs themselves – it was essential that they remain the central ‘character’, with the core d’Arry’s brand staying confidently understated.

The result

The new identity was rolled out to The Greyhound in Finchampstead as a fully operational d’Arry’s pub, covering a range of collateral including menus, stationery and POS displays. This was followed by a second pub, The Swan in Pangbourne.

The d’Arry’s brand name has since been withdrawn, but the pubs continue to operate with the identities created as part of the original project – an individuality which encapsulates their high-quality, informal offering perfectly.

What we did

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