The Cambridge

The brief

The Cambridge Building Society has worked with Mobas Group since 2010, commissioning MobasMuse to produce marketing campaigns and supporting roll-out items. MobasCore’s relationship with the business began when the society recognised that its brand needed to be reviewed in order to enable continued growth. We were asked to work with the team to reposition the business and create a new proposition that would attract new business without alienating its loyal existing customer base.

The approach

Following tailored research, a thorough strategic brand repositioning exercise was undertaken and MobasCore worked very closely with the senior executive teams to manage the process in an increasingly competitive and fragile market. With the business operating through multiple branches and teams at head office, it was essential to involve team members from throughout the Society, who were central to the development of the new brand proposition. After the visual brand identity was successfully deployed and bedded in, we worked with a group of Brand Ambassadors to develop and deploy the brand voice. The programme consisted of a series of interactive workshop sessions, in-depth research and the development of an ongoing deployment and management plan.

The delivery

  • We recommended and implemented the new name of The Cambridge.
  • We worked with MobasMuse to create a vibrant new identity and suite of impactful collateral, which reflects the brand personality and has been universally well received.
  • The Cambridge continues to use Mobas Group for ongoing creative design and strategic support.

The results

  • The Cambridge has seen significant continued growth in both assets and customer numbers
  • The brand has gained major market share in both the East of England and nationally and is now seen as at the heart of the Cambridge community and the building society of choice.
  • Staff are engaged with both the visual brand and its voice.

“I’ll admit I didn’t see the value of a rebrand at first but now I think it’s the best thing we’ve done. It was staggering to see how quickly the vibrancy turned around people’s perception of the Society from staid and old fashioned to something forward looking. And not just in the eyes of customers either but it really energised the people here.

"We really grew the business very quickly. In a three-year period we grew the mortgage book by about 30% and started to further develop our overall customer offering.”

Stephen Mitcham, Chief Executive, The Cambridge

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