Atopica - Post prescription booklet

To create a booklet for pet owners whose pet has been prescribed Atopica to help communicate the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, the potential long-term effects of the disease and how to administer treatment.

As with all prescription products, it was vital that the content of the booklet was compliant with UK laws, whilst remaining appropriate for the target audience which was in this case the pet owner.

The design of the booklet needed to reflect the Atopica branding whilst using appropriate imagery to help the pet owner visually identify the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Lifestyle imagery was also used to help connect with the pet owner.

Finally, a special offer was created to work inside the booklet to increase uptake of the product once prescribed.

The end result was a targeted and informative booklet offering support and touch points for the pet owner once the product had been prescribed.

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