Europasat - resellers press campaign


The Creatives at Mobas were asked by Europasat, a supplier of satellite broadband, to create a clever campaign that would attract third-party resellers to promote their broadband offering. The campaign needed to promote the benefits of satellite broadband as a viable broadband solution, and then position Europasat as the choice for that particular broadband offering.


We wanted to create something simple but clever for this campaign, something that made people who saw it remember it. We went through several different ideas during different creative sessions and eventually began to focus on how the service worked – i.e. it is beamed from space. But we didn’t want to focus on the space element of it: it felt too obvious. We wanted something cleverer, something that made people take notice.

So with that in mind, we came up with the ‘Broadband sent from above’ headline. Adding the halo reinforced the idea that this was the solution – the answer handed to users. We wanted the final advert to be simple, not copy-heavy, and have real impact. The brand identity that we had created following the work carried out by the Strategy team at Mobas also suited this perfectly.

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