NHS Blood and Transplant - Young Parents recruitment campaign


Mobas was asked by NHS Blood and Transplant to come up with a campaign specifically targeting young parents. The aim of the campaign was to get more young parents giving blood.


We started by thinking about things that would be specifically recognised by young parents, things they see in their everyday life. But we also wanted the final concept to be simple, but clever. Something that made people remember it. We wanted it to be a campaign that didn’t rely on amazing design and graphic treatment; it had to be memorable for the concept and idea behind it.

That’s when we started to think about letters, and young children learning the alphabet – their ‘ABC’. That worked as a concept but we also wanted to give it a twist – something that made it specific to NHS Blood and Transplant. With that in mind, we started to think of blood types which led us to our final message – as easy as ABO.

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