Surolan pan European concept


Surolan is an Elanco product helping to maintain and fight infection in dog and cat ears. It has a unique combination of active ingredients which work in synergy to achieve this. Mobas was tasked with creating a pan-European creative platform to be used to promote the product, via vet press and promotional material, to vets. The concept needed to translate across all territories and needed to capture ‘real life’.


Mobas began by interrogating several different creative routes and concepts. These were initially narrowed down to a range of five options. These were presented as mock up adverts to the marketing team in Germany and were well received. Following feedback from that meeting and from sharing the concepts with other key team members at Elanco, a final route was chosen. This was then developed by Mobas, including the setup and management of a photo shoot to achieve the main image, to a final creative option which was then rolled out across different pieces of marketing collateral and advertising across Europe.


The creative has been well received across Europe and is now being used across several countries to promote Surolan across many different platforms.

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