Vinci St Modwen St Andrew's Park brand identity


Vinci St Modwen approached Mobas to create a brand identity for an MOD site, formerly RAF Uxbridge, acquired for redevelopment.This site was to become a consortium development involving a number of new home developers. The challenge was to develop an overarching brand that would give the site its identity and could be adopted by the various developers for use within their own marketing efforts.


Mobas used the site’s military heritage as a source of guidance for the new brand name – St Andrews Park is named after the beautiful and historic St Andrews Gate, which stands at the front of the development. Next came the creative, and Mobas worked alongside Vinci St Modwen to develop a similarly historic and appropriate design that captured both the military history of the site and the prestige of the new development that represents its future. The roll-out of the brand included both signage and a website, both consistent in style and reinforcing the brand.


The result was a brand that embodied perfectly both the heritage of the RAF Uxbridge site but also the future of the St Andrew’s Park development. Both the website and signage were well received and sparked great interest locally in the site ahead of opening, while the Mobas creative offers an ideal platform to the developers for producing their own literature and advertising.

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