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Bupa’s research had revealed a misconception within SME companies that employee health schemes are too expensive.

The perception was that such schemes are meant for companies “bigger than ours” or are something that “doesn’t apply to us”. The research also showed that SMEs do not think about the positive benefits to the company if staff are fit, well and have ways of dealing with stress and personal issues.

Mobas was briefed to propose a communications strategy to engage with target SME organisations.


Mobas evaluated the research and looked at the experiential journey an SME would take to when considering and ultimately buying employee health cover. The purpose was to determine what the triggers for purchase are and, more importantly, who the decision makers are and what the hierarchy of needs is per target.

Mobas proposed a targeted online campaign aimed at MDs, FDs and HR directors. The concept used Bupa’s characters from the current B2C creative, adapting them for B2B while keeping the same sense of humour and poking fun at the stereotypical personality traits of the audience. Different display banners were designed for each target and placed within appropriate online media channels. The messages developed focused on the benefits to the specific target, with a compelling call to action.

Mobas also created a microsite, linked directly from Bupa.com, as a landing page for the display creative. The tone is fun, innovative and conversational, taking the user though the journey of thinking about employee health, highlighting the benefits of the Bupa schemes and touching on the triggers previously identified.


The result was a marked increase in awareness across all audiences and strong click-through rates on the display banners.

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