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MobasMuse is a team made up of passionate and talented creatives. We LOVE to design: no matter how small or large a piece is, it’s designed with style and pride.

Meet the team

Our people are our biggest asset, they are all driven, professional and creative individuals with an energy that is inspiring

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Chloe doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t obsessing over design and has always pursued a creative career. Starting out in marketing, she had her first experience of working with print design in publishing. She then moved on to work in-house, managing all creative projects, and then began to pursue her passion for graphic design by freelancing for national companies.

New to MobasMuse, Chloe is versatile and will put her mind to any project. She particularly enjoys typography, publication design and branding projects and, when not doing so, can usually be found busy in the kitchen or working it off at the gym.



Words. Clive eats, sleeps and breathes them, whether delivering them on a stage, slotting them into a fiendish crossword grid – or crafting them into beautifully considered copy. He stops just short of taking a red marker to incorrect shop signage, but is strongly in favour of some sort of on-the-spot fine system for punctuation crime.

A linguist by education, Clive is responsible for all copy at Mobas: writing original copy, both straight and creative; editing and styling supplied copy; and proofing all output for artwork. As one of our lead creatives, he works closely with design colleagues to conceive new campaigns and all other creative projects.

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Senior Designer, Studio Manager

After graduating in advertising and media, Ellie decided to pack her bags and leave the Norfolk countryside for a future in graphic design. She began working in publishing then moved to a creative agency in Cambridge. Working on a varied client base from small local companies to international fashion brands, Ellie decided to take her experience and begin freelancing.

At MobasMuse, Ellie soon became a permanent fixture. Her passion lies in ensuring that good, strong, creative concepts and designs can run through the studio in a positive and efficient manner. When not at work you can find her, or hear her, at local football matches or out with her friends.


Lead Creative

As our lead creative, Greg specialises in concepts and ideas as well as executing great design with a close eye on style and detail.

He graduated with a distinction in marketing and advertising and has worked in the industry for over 18 years. He studied design and has a strong background and keen interest in all things creative. Greg’s skilled with a pencil, markers and paper, and he still loves to sketch – you can usually find him at the drawing board surrounded by pens and idea scamps!

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Artworker, Production Manager

Paul has been part of MobasMuse’s offline design team as artworker since 2004, priding himself on bringing precision, attention to detail and quality control, and delivering a high standard of finish to each and every job. Complementing this, in the past seven years Paul has been combining his artworking with the tasks of print buying and production management. His dual role brings a vast wealth of knowledge and confidence within the printing sector to support the MobasMuse team and to output the high standard of product that all clients desire.

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