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Mobas is delighted to announce the launch of, an exciting new website for the financial services sector.

The website is a secure portal to events across the country for Thinc’s network of advisers.


The site hosts its own content management system that allows non-technical users to add and edit new events, locations and event information. In addition the site offers a registration system that captures advisers’ sales authorisations, full statistical reporting and analysis of who and how many users are registered and confirms registration to the end user through sophisticated auto-responder emails.

“Since engaging with Mobas, we have established a healthy and positive business relationship. With the significant ongoing changes in our industry, Mobas has more than kept abreast.

Their creativity, technical ability and guidance is superb.

As a company we recently won an industry award which Mobas helped us achieve through creating the website.”

Richard Stokes
Group Director of Training and Development

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