Bigger, Louder, Prouder


Mobas took on the pro-bono task of executing a social media campaign for the third annual festival, Roar 16. The fundraising total grew from £5,000 in 2014 to £21,500 in 2015. Now a recognisable force, Roar 16 is predicted to top these totals.

In previous years, The Cambridge Roar have struggled to reach core audiences. Mobas stepped in to provide a social solution. The objectives were to increase awareness of the brand, foster relationships with sponsors, stimulate online engagement and promote ticket sales in the six months leading up to the festival.


By using free platforms we have been able to keep costs to a minimum whilst achieving reach in the local area. Content was crafted to intrigue and inform about the events using the hashtag #Roar16, giveaways arranged to promote organic engagement and strong relationships formed with the other sponsors in order to mutually benefit from each other’s brands. Engagement with the beneficiary charities has allowed us to connect their purpose to the audience, such as interviewing a cancer survivor for Cancer Research UK.


Since the social launch of The Cambridge Roar in January there have been a combined total of over 800 new Twitter followers, over 200 new Facebook fans, over 6,000 interactions and a potential reach of 6 million across all platforms.

Lucy Holmes, Events Manager at The Cambridge Roar, said: “Ever happy and friendly, Mobas are clearly very capable, dealing with last minute requests and difficult demands in a professional manner.

“It’s wonderful to know that we have such a reliable team behind us, and means that we have been able to concentrate on all the other elements of running our events, knowing that they are dealing with all aspects of our social media.”

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