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Endomag (formerly Endomagnetics) had enjoyed phenomenal growth since the 2012 launch of their revolutionary streamlined and less invasive method of diagnosing breast cancer using nano-technology. Already successful in Europe, they had plans for significant global growth, however their brand was limited and product focused, hindering their plans. They tasked us with creating a brand proposition and identity that would reflect their position as knowledgeable innovators at the cutting edge of the cancer care pathway.


We spent invaluable time developing a solid understanding of the business, its competitors and the market landscape. We worked with the Endomag team across workshops and carried out customer research, to then distil the unique idea that lies at the heart of the brand and resonates with each of the brand’s very different audiences. We created a brand proposition and strategy that would differentiate them and serve as a foundation from which they could develop sound business and marketing plans. This built an internal understanding of the business’s goals and vision. This project was delivered by:

  • Working through some very complex product and industry terminology, we distilled what was at the very heart of the business, brought to life as a single organising idea that defines the company’s reason for being.
  • Recommending a name change from Endomagnetics to Endomag, allowing for future product development and expansion into new markets.
  • Working to create a new brand identity that truly reflected their position in the market.
  • Working with the Digital team to develop a new website.
  • Creating a launch PR campaign.


The brand has helped Endomag position themselves as innovators in their field and supported significant financial growth.

  • It has supported a successful launch into the US market, with a second office opening in Texas.
  • Supporting marketing activity has enabled the brand to gain profile in target markets.
  • Significant further global growth and product development is planned for 2017.

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