Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and successful tools in our digital marketing toolbox as it enables our clients to communicate directly with their audience on a personal level. It was once described as the original social networking tool and it has certainly stood the test of time with open rates in the UK at about 23% and click-through rates 4% on average.

Email marketing is a progression of the direct mail marketing that used to drop through your front door and got a pretty bad reputation for doing so with tags like junk mail and spam. Unlike its much older brother, email marketing has the potential to be more targeted and, thanks to advances in retargeting, more personal.

Email marketing with Dotmailer

We’ve worked with a number of specialist email marketing tools but find Dotmailer one of the most popular with our clients. We manage a number of campaigns for our clients through this platform, creating HTML email templates for ongoing newsletters or bespoke designs for a specialist campaign.

Mobile email marketing

Smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices have revolutionised the way in which we communicate and it’s important to consider this when planning any digital campaign. Here’s why responsive email marketing should be taken into consideration:

  • 28% of emails are opened on mobile devices
  • The number of emails opened on smartphones and tablets has increased by 500% since 2011
  • Apple iPhone is the number one device used to open emails globally

As a digital agency regularly designing responsive websites we are aware of all technological advances in communication and understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. We can also work as an extension of your marketing team to help manage integrated campaigns across social media platforms as well as email.

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