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Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers are becoming increasingly ethical, seeking to buy goods and services from companies that they trust and deem to be morally in tune with themselves. Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, highlights that your organisation is ethical and cares about its customers / the wider community. This can encompass daily working practices, community relations, fundraising initiatives, charity partnerships and much more. It’s important to find CSR projects that fit with your company and audience, which Mobas can help you to identify.

‘Doing good’ for the sake of it can come across as desperate if it’s not relevant, which is where we can step in. It can be as simple as publicising the fact that you’re waste-free, solar-powered or cruelty-free through to raising the profile of / donating a portion of your funds in aid of a non-profit organisation. You could be a nationwide recruitment agency supporting causes to champion diversity in the workplace, right down to a small restaurant chain donating leftover produce to local food banks.

As your public relations agency we also recommend a programme of activity for our clients to help build on community relationships. For many businesses it is vital to get involved with local initiatives in order to raise awareness of your brand – whether it is through sponsorship of events, donating prizes or taking part in charity races, as well as developing strategic partnerships with other local businesses and groups. Not only does this make a real impact, it can help to generate news and can benefit your brand through charitable expertise. For example, if your products and services make environmental or health claims and this is supported by a relevant charity / local authority, it validates you and can give you access to their research and knowledge.

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