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Crisis communications

When a crisis hits, it is generally not something you might like to think about – but it’s much worse if you’re not prepared. With the right support and actions, a crisis can be turned into a positive PR opportunity.

If not dealt with correctly, a crisis can permanently damage your business’s good reputation and all that you’ve worked so hard to build. In the event of a crisis it’s important to react quickly and be honest – even if there’s a limit to what you can say. Try and be proactive and don’t just ignore media calls – if they can’t get what they want from you they’ll simply dig elsewhere. With social media today there are a lot of places that can offer information, and then the story’s out of your control.

Our advice is to take control immediately and that means being prepared. You can’t have a statement ready for every possible situation but it’s very useful to work through potential scenarios to discuss what could happen and how best to respond. However, more important than working through various responses is having an agreed process in place that kicks in in the event of any crisis and ensuring that every employee’s aware of the drill. Naturally as a PR agency we can offer a great deal of experience of dealing with crisis situations, from customer complaints and staff misbehaviour to systems breaking down. In the event of a crisis, we also offer a 24/7 press office support as needed to act as the first point of contact.

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