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White paper creation

Are you an expert in your field of work? Are you committed to wider industry issues, or contributing to sector debates and initiatives? A white paper could be the perfect way for you to demonstrate your knowledge and authority to peers and customers through the creation of a long-form report which can be researched, written and designed by the team at Mobas.

White papers provide an in-depth discussion or investigation into a particular topic. They can be based on extensive market research, can frame a discussion between external key thought leaders or can be driven by the expertise from within your organisation. At Mobas we will advise on how this can inform your content strategy over long periods, providing quality insight for social media posts – particularly LinkedIn campaigns – as well as news releases, radio days and owned website content.

The PR team will develop a plan and timeline detailing how the white paper will be launched and distributed in a way that suits the content and your audience – in print as a feature, posted to customers / prospects or downloadable online, with links fed through email marketing and social media. These thought leadership projects that provide deep industry-wide insight are often perfect for entering into industry awards. Mobas can identify these opportunities, as well as writing award entries for you.

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