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Defining a post-merger brand for an event specialist


Creative technical events specialist Hawthorn initially approached our creative team with the task of creating their new visual brand, following a merger with another leading supplier. Operating from three locations and under two brand names, the need to define a brand proposition that unified the company and its offer was recognised.


We spent time immersing ourselves in the business: talking to team members across the locations and in different roles, learning about their passion for their work. We spoke to clients and spent time assessing the competitor landscape to understand what mattered most and what makes the company different. We held in-depth workshops where we investigated differing views to define future goals. We distilled the most important aspects from each individual brand and created a proposition that unified the teams and projected a clear and engaging message to customers.

Following this, we determined a brand essence, personality, values and a concise vision, gaining buy-in from across the business. We recommended and deployed one clear brand name – Hawthorn - leveraging on equity and ensuring clarity with team members and clients. We deployed an internal communications programme to bring the teams together and help them understand the business’ vision. We worked with the business to create and deploy internal engagement initiatives to support the ongoing changes as the businesses became one. We created an energetic brand identity that reflected the amazing events that the company helps to create. We then supported Hawthorn in deploying the new brand.

The results

  • Engagement among team members increased, with staff expressing excitement about the future of the company.
  • The company is now proud to be showcasing a brand that truly reflects its position as a market leader with a fantastic and talented team.

Peter Boott, Commercial Director, said: "Working with the Mobas team helped us get the headspace needed to tackle a project of this size. Though it wasn’t easy at times...I don’t think we would be where we are today without going through each part of the process and the results have been fantastic. Spending time as one management team discussing our priorities over the coming years was essential. Developing a deeper understanding of our clients’ views helped shape some important developments. Taking the time to gather opinions from across the company has helped to create a brand proposition that the team are enthusiastic about."

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