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Mobas tendered for the design and creation of the new Loch Fyne website, part of a three-way creative pitch.


Mobas tendered for the design and creation of the new Loch Fyne website, part of a three-way creative pitch.

The objectives set out in the demanding brief were to shift public perception of Loch Fyne from being a special occasion restaurant to a more frequent place to dine; to communicate the brand values of responsibly and ethically sourcing seafood; to offer a best-of-breed user experience and information architecture; and to capture visitor data for marketing purposes.


After an initial client workshop, Mobas identified another major consideration. The new website was to reside on a brand new domain, which has big implications for SEO (search engine optimisation). That meant devising an on- and off-site strategy to ensure the new website would rank high in search results.

Mobas developed a new creative strategy to radically reposition the brand. The new identity includes a variety of textures, props and theatre, instantly communicating the strong ethics set out in the brief. Moreover, this creative treatment immediately shifts the customer perception of the brand being formal and for special occasions only.

To increase footfall and drive data capture, the site enables customers to sign up for money-off and discount vouchers. On sign-up, customers received an auto-responder email with a link to download their personalised voucher.

To assess usability, Mobas created a range of customer personas and examined their needs, the type of content they were seeking and their subsequent journeys through the website. A combination of standard navigation, mastheads, drop-downs, hotspots and a Google API postcode search facility were employed to provide multiple paths through the website, allowing quick and easy access to key pages.


On launch, the new website was well very received. Our SEO strategy resulted in impressive top positions within the search engine results for the defined keywords. Meanwhile, voucher offers, integrated with wider marketing campaigns, quickly resulted in an increase in footfall and incremental revenue, as well as data capture and high opt-in rates. Mobas also conducted a post-launch usability study using multiple analytical tools and used the insights gained to further enhance the website.

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