Inspired PR and Content

We combine strategic thinking with creativity, knowledge and a passion for words, design and all things digital to deliver effective digital PR campaigns.

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What we offer

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about our work and our enthusiasm for PR and content marketing is reflected across everything that we do.

Content marketing and social media is dominating the marketing world at the moment. While it’s true that the constantly evolving digital landscape offers us new PR tools, we’re still doing the same thing: creating, managing and protecting reputations. It’s what we love doing and we do it very well. Alongside our expertise in traditional PR, we offer an in-depth understanding of the digital world and how online channels can be utilised effectively to meet your objectives. We combine strategic thinking with creativity, knowledge and a passion for words, design and all things digital to deliver effective on and offline PR campaigns.

Mobas Engage employs a team with wide ranging skills so that you don’t have to. Instead, let us become an extension to your team. The closer we are to you, the better we can understand your needs and objectives, which enables us to deliver campaigns that will deliver maximum results. We know that every business has its own unique set of challenges and we approach every project with a fresh pair of eyes – utilising our skills and experience to create a bespoke plan that is going to deliver for you.

All of our services are underpinned by a results-oriented approach and heartfelt commitment to our clients, each other and the wider Mobas group.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a real buzzword in marketing at the moment, and with good reason. Done well, a carefully crafted piece of content can reach a huge number of people in a very short space of time, and as part of a campaign it can be a very powerful means of engaging with your audiences.

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Crisis communications

It’s not something that you want to think about but it’s much worse if you’re not prepared. And in fact, with the right support and actions, a crisis can be turned into a positive PR opportunity. But if not dealt with correctly, it can permanently damage your businesses’ good reputation and all that you have worked so hard to build.

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Event management and support

Events can be a costly venture but done well are a good investment. In order to deliver maximum return on investment (ROI) on your event spend, we offer a host of activity to ensure that every opportunity is maximised.

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Global campaigns (international network)

At MobasEngage we know how crucial local knowledge is in all areas of public relations, as well as the importance of a solid understanding of different markets, media and language.

We work with carefully selected partners around the world across a variety of clients and campaigns, all of which are managed centrally by MobasEngage to ensure consistency of message and service.

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Media training

MobasEngage can certainly get you the opportunities but when it comes to the crunch, can you perform?

We work with a top media training company comprising BBC journalists who will challenge you and put you through your paces, as well as help you to feel relaxed and comfortable during interviews. Most importantly, the team will help tease out interesting and relevant information that will make the media come back for more.

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Newsletter and magazine creation

Newsletters and magazines can be a truly powerful marketing tool. Whether it is an email newsletter to keep in touch with customers or a high quality glossy magazine to promote your brand, we can help you to develop the perfect marketing tool for your needs.

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Offsite SEO

While our clever colleagues in MobasIgnite ensure that your website is beautifully optimised, we ensure that all other content does the same.‘Offsite optimisation’ basically applies to any content that does not form part of your website and that is where MobasEngage can help.

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Partnership marketing

In some cases, working alongside partners that already have established audiences can be a really great way of introducing your brand to a very specific target group of people.

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Public Relations

Honesty is the best policy and while the old adage has always been an admirable principle in PR, it has never been more relevant than in today’s digital world.

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Social media strategy and platform management

Everyone knows about social media and most people understand that it can deliver huge benefits to your business. However, knowing exactly what they want to achieve from such a campaign and how it can be done is not always so easily understood.

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Mobas’ internship programme is thriving

23rd November 2016

The public relations team at Mobas has welcomed two fantastic student interns this year.

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Mobas helps PlayFusion to smash Kickstarter campaign

10th November 2016

Mobas has been working alongside local games studio PlayFusion, securing pledges over $200,000.

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Mobas PR wins Gold for CSR campaign

23rd September 2016

Mobas PR has scooped a Gold award for its Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign with leading property developer Countryside.

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See Our Teams

Mobas, inspired thinking. delivered.

We are Mobas Group. A company with specialist divisions. Divisions that deliver a complete service for clients when working together, but also a specialist service when working as a stand-alone. These divisions work as part of a family offering a complete service and also a dedicated specialist service when needed.

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MobasMuse, Inspired creative and design.

We are a team of naturally talented creative thinkers – problem-solvers, writers and designers – who are always pushing our creative output, not through necessity but through passion and a desire to evolve.

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MobasIgnite, inspired digital services.

Creativity, data and analytics are core to everything we do. We devise digital strategies and deliver digital platforms based on pre-defined project and client objectives.

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MobasCore, inspired strategic thinking.

At MobasCore we get to the heart of your brand and deliver meaningful change that will help you get where you want to go.

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