Animal healthcare

Continued success for the animal healthcare sector

There are few marketing sectors that demand more specialist knowledge than animal health. Rigorous adherence to rules, regulations and guidelines is paramount – but in our book it mustn’t stifle the creativity that drives successful audience engagement.

We’ve forged close and fruitful relationships with a number of leading names in the sector; from Elanco Animal Health, and Janssen Animal Health, MSD Animal Health, Novartis Animal Health to Virbac Animal Health, where we’ve helped develop persuasive product and awareness campaigns for the likes of Bravecto, Caninsulin and Project Lamb.

This experience as an animal health marketing agency is infused with own brand commitment to transformative strategy. We always utilise our Discover, Define, Deliver, Develop process to ensure that differentiating and motivating brand essence is enshrined at the earliest stage of every project – so it can contribute to the consistent marketing activity that resonates as strongly as possible with professional and consumer audiences.

Our specialist expertise is backed by a full suite of delivery capabilities across the communications mix. We are adept at everything from web development and digital marketing, to brand creation, marketing collateral, advertising, and direct mail activity.