The foundation on which your brand sits and behaves

Strategy dictates how your customers feel about your business. As a brand development agency, we know that having the right strategy for the most valuable part of your business is paramount.

We uncover insights into your customers’ mindsets and build brand strategy and brand language to drive your business forward. For us, the brand strategy underpins all marketing and business development strategies – from the internal communications, business modelling and product development, to digital marketing strategy and website design, having the groundwork at brand level established enables a future-proof investment into the growth of your business.

Brand solutions drive success

We believe that your brand is the foundation on which your business sits: it shapes your product, service and behaviour, and it dictates how your customers feel about your business. Brand definition is the key to success, and the Mobas model is proven to bring new clarity and purpose to brands in a way that motivates teams and powers success. We believe that brevity is key if your team is to live and breathe your brand, so our brands are defined in two words, not 200 pages!


Strategic answers to your business challenge

Whether your challenge is to take advantage of a new opportunity, pivot your business, or prepare for a sale – a robust business and brand strategy is critical. Our experience as a strategic agency means that we regularly encounter challenges that some business people only see a couple of times in their careers. This experience enables us to respond quickly, with a proven methodology that delivers actionable insight and a clear, motivating plan.

Insight-driven strategy

Brands and strategies fail if they’re not believable or aligned to customer needs. Our specialist team of insight and research consultants reveal what your clients and stakeholders value most about you. This insight fuels strategy development and brand definition. Insight can also support go-to-market planning, competitor differentiation, product testing and the development of Employee Value Propositions that encourage high-calibre staff to join and stay with you.


Maximise for ROI of your new campaign with robust campaign planning

Strategic campaign planning makes sure that every penny of your marketing spend goes where it will add most value. We work across sectors and media channels, putting the customer at the heart of our strategic marketing plans. In the digital world we understand the importance of securing multiple touchpoints for a consistent campaign message, of first identifying and then driving the attitude and behaviour shifts that will deliver results.


Take the guesswork out with robust evaluation systems

Whether you want to understand the status quo, or to measure the impact of planned changes, getting the right evaluation systems in place is critical. From our offices in London and Cambridge, we develop key performance indicators (KPIs) for all elements of business performance, and to help clients measure and evaluate the impacts of their time, their investment and the activity of others. Acting blind is no longer an option: business strategy must be built and evaluated against measurable criteria.

Brand Strategy is the foundation on which your brand sits and behaves. Having the right strategy for your business is paramount. 
Strategy 1

Brand Definition

The who, what, why and how of how your brand looks and behaves. Defining the brand is the platform from where the brand narrative begins. 

Strategy 2

Brand Delivery

The brand identity and marketing assets are delivered or launched to the market carefully and coherently both internally to your stakeholders and also externally to your end-customers



Employer Branding & Employee Value Propositions

Shape your employer brand, manage your reputation, and stand out in the talent marketplace with a carefully crafted strategy including an employee value proposition (EVP), and drive tangible business results.

Strategy 5

Brand Creation

The design process of creatively moulding the look and feel of your brand as a stand-alone logo or part of different marketing applications is what consumers will remember most.  

Strategy 4

Brand Evaluation

This phase of brand development ensures it’s working and the results are converting via brand listening results, website hits, PPC results but most importantly, what your customers are saying about you and feeding back.

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