At Mobas we believe the best way we learn is when new skills and approaches are linked to things we do every day, at work and in life. When it’s practical, we can see how we’ll apply it and benefit from it, as it feels real.

We also believe in the power of incremental change: people respond best when it’s at a pace that enables them to transform without bending them or the business out of shape. It builds confidence; we can measure the positive impact it’s making; and we have a greater chance of sustaining the transformation we’re experiencing.

How do we do this?

We’ve developed a tried-and-tested framework that’s adapted and tailored for each business we engage with. We’ll be adopting an agile, iterative approach that embraces a ‘test, learn, refine’ mantra: as we journey together, we’ll flex and shape-shift based on the feedback from the team and any changes in business priorities.

Our starting point with every engagement is exploration and discovery with those colleagues participating. We’ll be asking the question ‘What does good look like?’ in their world and establishing where they believe they are now. From this we identify the gap and create a prioritised list of change that helps inform our programme. 

Our Experiential Learning & Development (EL&D) programmes typically run over a three-month or six-month period. We’ll be combining interactive team workshops with 1-2-1 coaching, enabling participants’ learning, growth and change to be manageable and linked to current ‘live’ business initiatives.  

Who is the programme aimed at?

Our objective is simple. We’re aiming to help individuals and teams work better together – both internally and externally with clients and partners – more effectively, more efficiently, and with greater confidence.

So, let’s think about your sales and business development team, your client relationship team, colleagues in partnership development, your marketing team, colleagues in project management, and your technical development and delivery team. We primarily focus on these as they have touchpoints with your customers at different points along the experience journey: a consistent and aligned way of working and communicating has a massive positive impact on business performance and delivery.

We also have an EL&D programme for those in management and leadership roles, one that provides new tools and approaches in leading people with greater confidence, courage and resilience.

What benefits can we realise?

Everything we deliver together will be measurable, so we place these into two camps: Soft Measures and Hard Measures.

Soft Measures we’ll link to, and will support, your People Strategy and could be included within everyone’s job descriptions and appraisals as KPIs. We’ll work with your People and HR Team to establish how this can best be done.

Hard Measures can include a number of quantitative, more financial metrics, such as:
– building a bigger new business pipeline and winning more new clients
– increasing account profitability / retained revenues
– accelerating decision-making and reducing the sales cycle
– increasing Win Ratio and improving Average Order Value
– increasing cross-sell and up-sell with existing clients
– improving customer satisfaction feedback / NPS
– delivering projects within budget, within agreed scope, on time
– increasing productivity and operational efficiencies
– ultimately, growth in YOY revenue and profitability.

We can review these together and finalise a shortlist of the ones that have the most impact.

Take the next step with us

We’re confident that what we’ll create together will make a positive difference and that you’ll benefit from some quick wins, as well as people transformation that supports your longer-term strategic ambitions. We’re ready to talk when you are.

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