Animal health PR on a global scale

Elanco is a world leader in developing products and services that enhance animal health, wellness and performance.


As Elanco’s global PR agency, Mobas was tasked with providing a series of materials to help launch new products, improve communications between territories and assist reps across the EMEA region promote the key benefits of Elanco’s products to drive sales.


Mobas developed and deployed a range of materials to enable Elanco to communicate effectively with its sales reps, providing them with tools to help drive sales in their territories. This included organising a two-day event held in the UK for reps to meet and discuss new products, plan launch activity, share knowledge and information in order to better communicate the benefits to vets in their home territories.

Mobas also created a series of videos on a wide range of topics, sourcing case studies, creating scripts, directing the shoots, liaising with expert vets and managing the editing of the footage, as well as arranging translations. Mobas composed a series of key messages that were agreed upon, including guidance on veterinary practices becoming accessible at all times, through means such as online selling, and offering premium brands available exclusively from vets. An app was also developed and a how-to guide was made into a video.

A presentation was developed detailing PR, what it was, how it worked and its many benefits to help educate sales reps about how to maximise opportunities in their territories around the world.

A range of press releases showcasing new products, highlighting benefits and key messages were drafted and distributed to all core territories.


Mobas and Elanco have been working together for four years and during that time have delivered a wealth of high-quality marketing materials that have enabled Elanco’s reps to raise awareness of products across the EMEA and drive sales. This includes the delivery of more than six videos, in a range of different languages, which work well across territories as a sales tool and provides a valuable means to ensure the benefits of the product range are understood. Sales reps have also developed a better understanding of PR, enabling them to explore editorial opportunities as well as advertising with key titles.

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