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Reputation is the single biggest influence over the success of a person, brand and business. A PR strategy, implemented positively, transforms your communications, allowing you to build an educated and trusted reputation with employees, suppliers, journalists and the media, customers, influencers and potential investors.

A planned and structured PR strategy will proactively and reactively manage your reputation consistently and effectively, in a media age where reputations can be targeted at the click of a button. Moreover, a good communications strategy can be disruptive to your competitors: this is ammunition for challenger brands with less money for advertising and a desire for reputational growth.

Media Relations

Media relations is a fundamental element of your PR strategy: dealing with the media by outreaching with press releases; scheduling interviews for comment on an existing or developing story; preparing thought leadership pieces; or giving press conferences. By providing factual and informative research and working with cohesive partners, your media relations can considerably enhance your reputation and credibility.  

Influencer Relations

Influencers play an important role in PR. Using real-life people, with an online and social following, allows a company or brand to tap into an ongoing trust relationship. Likewise, celebrity faces can enhance your brand’s profile with a very specific audience.

Whether it’s a review of a product, a competition, support for a community or public affairs issue, attending events or joining in focus groups, our network of influencers could be that hidden tool in the PR mix.

Social Media

If you handle your social media in-house, or if you’d like our social media team to manage it on your behalf, it’s an essential communication tool. Our online activity, including articles with links, comments in news stories, interviews on TV and radio, inclusion in business or consumer podcasts and more, will offer the opportunity for strong stakeholder engagement online. If you have a social media team in house, our PR team will use our knowledge to ensure they have all the tools they need and can monitor the conversations.


With the media landscape dominated by digital services, naturally these areas are prime targets for coverage as part of your media relations. Mobas will work closely with the media to encourage a click-through from your secured articles to the brand or business site. However, many media are reluctant to do this. Therefore, Mobas will work with your SEO strategy and ensure your primary key words and phrases are used within articles where possible. A transparent and open conversation will be required for this.

Content creation

Content is nothing new. We’ve been writing white papers, features, thought leadership articles and native content to communicate company messages that resonate with audiences for a very long time. We can also pull in our wider team to produce videos, develop images or infographics to present your content in the most eye-catching and effective way. With distribution channels developing all the time, at Mobas we work hard to create engaging, shareable content and match it to the most relevant platform to help you communicate with your prospects, influence sales and achieve your business goals.

Community Relations

If localised coverage is important for your company or brand, then community relations could be an essential consideration. Speaking direct to a community close to a new-build, a local branch or developing area could be essential to manage your reputation locally. Additionally, there may be issues in branch or office locations that you may wish to communicate about. Changing local opinions by arranging local meetings, producing localised newsletters / flyers or visiting schools, could all play a part in your community relations plan.

Internal Communications

A major stakeholder for any business is your employees. Even the largest companies have a lax communications strategy internally. Involving your employee community, whether employed or a network of self-employed individuals, will make them feel valued and will align their mindset and attitudes with the company’s strategy. Mobas offers consultancy, strategy workshops and internal communications plans for our clients. The PR team ensure that all communications external of the organisation are communicated effectively internally too. 

Event PR and Management

If you’re looking to plan and organise an event of any size, the Mobas PR team are on hand to manage the event and ensure cohesion with your communication strategy. From small consumer and business events, to large corporate shows – we have the experience. For larger events you already have planned, event press offices are a great way of entertaining the media and ensure that interviews, outside broadcasts and photo opportunities are well planned and operated.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Like community relations, CSR looks at wider activities within the business that could affect the reputation of the company or brand with stakeholders. These include company ethics, environmental impact concerns, community and charity work. CSR can be something as simple as working with a chosen charity or a more serious issue such as changing an entire vehicle fleet. Communicating CSR effectively will manage and positively enhance your reputation.

Public Affairs

If a real issue concerns your business stakeholders, lobbying local members of parliament and Government ministers gives you the opportunity to get your voice heard. It could be a change in regulation regarding foods, farming and agriculture, education or taxation. At Mobas we use our creative powers, communication skills and tenacity to help you build a campaign to lobby.

Media training

If you’re serious about securing media coverage, it’s important to be prepared. That includes knowing and understanding the key messages for your brand inside-out and back-to-front but also knowing how to present them to the media in the right format. Where that involves broadcast, a presentation, or if you’re planning to create your own videos, webinars or podcasts, formal, yet tailored media training will help hone your skills, boost your confidence and enable you to present professionally when faced with a camera or microphone.

Crisis Management

A crisis is an unexpected event, on varying scales of impact. No matter the size of the crisis, a well-devised, well-presented, well-communicated crisis management plan is essential – including communications both internal and external. Mobas can work with you to develop the plan, present the plan to your teams, media-train relevant people in the organisation and, in times of crisis, monitor and manage your media relations in support of your well-trained team.

Press Office

The Mobas Press Office team have a ‘never shut’ attitude. They have an eye for a compelling story, copywriting skills to generate media attention with well-written and researched press releases, and the ability to identify and train relevant spokespeople. They utilise strong relationships across national and regional news services – in print and online, broadcast, lifestyle publications, business and financial print and online, plus international news outlets – to ensure widespread positive coverage.


Developing your PR strategy

Mobas has a team of business strategists. Their primary role is to work with companies and their brands to map their organisation and create a strategy for transformation. A fundamental element in that strategy is public relations, and our PR team are an active part of this process.

The Mobas PR team works closely with our SEO, social media, web design, web development, design and strategy colleagues to ensure the PR activity is effectively planned as part of your business strategy.

Activating your PR strategy

With your key messages identified, your primary audiences mapped and a firm strategy in place, you now have an idea of where you need to communicate to reach your key stakeholders. That’s when Mobas uses our expertise to get to work…

Consumer PR vs B2B PR

Consumer PR
PR focused on targeting your customers direct, across the wider consumer media. Reputation growth = sales growth – every business succeeds based on reputation. Creatively targeting the consumer media will ensure you have a positive impact on current and future customers by talking to them through the media they consume regularly.

The Mobas team have extensive experience in consumer PR, including, but not exclusively: FMCG, food and drink, automotive, animal health and wellbeing, education, OTC healthcare, health and beauty, and events.

Is your typical customer a business? Don’t worry, we can help here too! Business-to-business PR (B2B) is the art of communicating one company’s messages to another company to promote a positive reputation and build credibility – targeting specialist communication channels, relevant to your preferred customer base. Maybe you want to reach facilities managers, personal trainers or security personnel – that’s where a structured B2B strategy comes in.

The Mobas team have B2B PR strategy in several sectors, including IT and infrastructure, property, education, automotive, professional services, IT and infrastructure.

We breathe brands, businesses and transformation. Ready to work with us? Let's talk.