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Many companies are facing unprecedented challenges in attracting and keeping top talent. Every company has an employer brand but very few have a strategy in place to control it. Now is the time to take back control.

Shape your employer brand, manage your reputation, and stand out in the talent marketplace with a carefully crafted strategy including an employee value proposition (EVP), and drive tangible business results.

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Transform culture and drive sustainable business growth

Culture is a powerful strategic tool and can transform business performance. Companies with the highest rate of employee engagement are 21% more profitable. It makes sense that happy and engaged employees result in happy customers which in turn positively impacts your bottom line. To achieve this, companies need to focus on their employer brand, applying an organised, intelligent, and strategic approach to delivering an employer brand that serves the needs of their business, employees, and that resonates with their talent audience. 

Win the war for talent

With an authentic and clearly defined employee value proposition (EVP)

We work with companies to develop and define employer brand strategies including their EVPs – your company’s promise to current and future employees and what you expect in return. An EVP not only helps attract the right talent by conveying what sets you apart from your competitors but also helps engage and motivate your existing team. A strong EVP drives business results and helps build sustainable growth but it is often an afterthought.

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How do we develop and deliver an effective EVP?

A systematic and strategic approach is required to develop an effective employer brand strategy and an EVP, and everyone is unique. We work with companies from start-ups to large-scale businesses so adjust our approach depending on the need. To truly unlock the power of an EVP it must be aligned with your customer value proposition. Successful businesses see employer and customer branding as key drivers of long-term growth. After all, businesses with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147%.

The Mobas process to develop an EVP

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1. Discovery

As a Market Research Society Partner, everything we do is grounded in research and clearly identified business strategy. The first step is for our research team to gather insights from employees, the leadership team, and the marketplace including prevailing trends, clients and competitors. This provides a holistic understanding of your strengths as an employer and how you can win in the talent marketplace.

2. Definition

Working with cross-function teams, typically HR and Marketing, using the insights gathered, we define the EVP, including an employer brand promise and narrative, key messaging, unique compelling differences, and an employer manifesto.

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3. Delivery

Depending on your requirements we offer the following further outputs:

  • Creative execution
  • Persona development for different talent audiences
  • Messaging framework for your target audience
  • Values and keystone behaviour matrix
  • Content strategy and deployment to bring your EVP to life
  • An EVP toolkit for your talent acquisition team and hiring managers
  • EVP internal launch plan to ensure alignment and commitment
  • Careers website site map and design
  • A recruitment campaign and digital strategy
  • ‘Always on’ campaign plan to continually promote your employer brand

4. Developing

  • KPIs to test, measure and assess the EVP
  • Continually update and monitor the EVP
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An EVP must be ingrained into the company culture, with everyone from the leadership team to the latest recruits aligned, using the right messaging and communicating consistently. Mobas can support you: by helping you find your unique superpower as an employer, crafting compelling and engaging messaging, and developing effective campaigns to attract the right candidates.

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Unleash the power of your employer brand and attract the right type of people who will stay and become highly effective members of your team, bringing target capabilities, and driving sustainable growth for your business.

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