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Behaviour and Data Insight

Psychological insight through our partner CrowdCat

Mobas is partnered with the science and insight specialist CrowdCat to provide our clients with powerful and ground-breaking psychological insights on their audiences and customers. Using their unique approach – Scalable Consumer Psychology – we can help brands understand and predict customer behaviour, and plan for growth accordingly.

It’s rather like sitting down with all of your customers one-to-one, with a psychologist on hand to identify exactly how each individual thinks, feels and chooses in relation to your brand. This marketing gold-dust means that communications strategies can benefit from razor-sharp insights on entire audiences, at a completely personalised level – thanks to the scalability that sets the approach apart.

The unique, scientifically-driven insight and communications framework also helps brands reveal how each individual customer connects with those around him or her. These insights can be developed on a continual basis to constantly enrich data. Pertinent, personalised messaging gets better all the time, no matter what the size of the audience is.

How does Scalable Consumer Psychology work?

Scalable Consumer Psychology has been designed to enable meaningful, engaged and loyal relationships with customers through a deep understanding of them as individuals.

It puts customers and clients at the very epicentre of an organisation, transforming audience engagement and marketing effectiveness.

The approach uses a proven quick-start, light-touch discovery process to quickly demonstrate its value and effectiveness. This means that together with CrowdCat, we can complete a comprehensive analysis of your brand’s audiences – covering personalities, behaviours and preferences – and validate results within ten weeks. This is without any disruption or significant input from functions within your organisation.

Organisational learning

Your brand can benefit from transformational marketing insights and the creation of an easily manageable segmentation model based on psychological profiles and customer attitudes towards your brand.

Or by taking this further, you can build effective systems for personalisation, right down to an audience of one in order reap the rewards of deepening relationships with consumers as individuals.

Scalable Consumer Psychology also generates data in a global data format, which is compatible with most relevant information infrastructures. This allows data to be used across all your business systems, from CRM to programmatic to business intelligence. It means we can work with you to positively impact every marketing channel, continually enhancing your brand’s insights, knowledge and internal capabilities to make long-term growth happen.

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