Public relations agency

Enabling business transformation with PR

PR offers unrivalled opportunities to grow brand awareness through cost-effective communications. Whether you’re seeking a full-on PR campaign, content creation, media and influencer relations, event management, or support with crisis comms and issues management, our talented team has the creative flair, contacts and know-how to deliver.

Campaigns (B2B and B2C)

Whether targeting other businesses or consumers, we’ll create a bespoke PR campaign that hits the mark. We work across a broad range of sectors including hospitality and leisure, food and drink, education, automotive, professional services and property. We have great media contacts across an array of sectors, and significant experience of what works, as well as a never-ending ideas bank to generate fresh and exciting coverage.

Digital PR

Increasingly, online is where it’s at for news, views and conversation. At Mobas we create digital PR campaigns that build links and encourage social sharing, to reach your audience and support your SEO. By securing your brand coverage in online media and blogs, we’ll help you build positive brand awareness and reputation, as well as drive traffic to your online platforms. With digital PR comes analytics: we can monitor and measure the direct impact on your website to show demonstrable ROI.

Dedicated press office

Providing a key channel between you and the media, our dedicated press office means that someone (Mobas) is always keeping their eyes peeled for opportunities to raise your brand visibility. It works both ways – we’ll act as first filter for any incoming press enquiries as well as proactively pitching you to relevant media contacts and collating coverage received. We use industry-leading journalist databases and media monitoring tools to build relationships with relevant media, and give you in-depth reports so you can see the difference we’re making.

Media and influencer relations

Journalists and influencers are the gatekeepers to the outlets where your brand meets your customers. We leverage our personal contacts, media databases and a bespoke influencer research and selection process to connect your brand to relevant audiences through targeted outreach. From initial approaches we’ll cultivate relationships on your behalf that enable us to create hard-hitting and far-reaching coverage that ultimately delivers key messages and achieve powerful results for your business.

Content creation

Content is nothing new. We’ve been writing white papers, features, thought leadership articles and native content to communicate company messages that resonate with audiences for a very long time. We can also pull in our wider team to produce videos, develop images or infographics to present your content in the most eye-catching and effective way. With distribution channels developing all the time, at Mobas we work hard to create engaging, shareable content and match it to the most relevant platform to help you communicate with your prospects, influence sales and achieve your business goals.

Crisis comms

By definition a crisis is going to be unexpected and, whatever business you’re in, it can strike at any time. To minimise damage from, it’s important to take a proactive approach to issue management. From stakeholder workshops to preparing a detailed plan, from media training for key spokespeople to support at the critical time, we’ve got your back.

Event management

From sourcing venues, hosts, entertainment and catering to managing your guest list, at Mobas we’ll work with you to ensure you get the most bang for your buck whatever the event. Our team of experienced event managers can look after the whole shebang from start to finish, or support with key aspects including pre- and post-event publicity. In addition, our in-house creatives and digital developers are on hand to wrap it all up in beautiful packaging from invitation design to display stands and bespoke apps.

Awards entries and sponsorship

Taking part in the relevant awards is a great way to boost your business profile, raise your visibility and gain third-party endorsement. From overall strategy and selection through to researching and writing your entry, or identifying and managing sponsorship opportunities, our skilled team will take the lead and show you how awards can be an integral and effective part of your overall PR and marketing strategy.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR highlights that your organisation is ethical and cares about its customers and the wider community. Mobas can help identify CSR projects that fit your brand and people, whether that’s donating a portion of your profits to a nominated charity or donating leftover produce to local food banks. We’ll help you maximise the impact of your CSR through partnerships, publicity and an ongoing programme of activity.

News generation

As an ambitious business, you’ll want to develop and maintain a positive profile in the relevant media, whether that’s regional, national or trade. We’ll take an in-depth look at your brand and its people to identify and develop potential news stories and craft them to appeal to your target media in ways that we know work. From audacious stunts to expert opinion, we’re full of ideas to help you make the headlines, not just follow them.

Media training

If you’re serious about securing media coverage, it’s important to be prepared. That includes knowing and understanding the key messages for your brand inside-out and back-to-front but also knowing how to present them to the media in the right format. Where that involves broadcast, a presentation, or if you’re planning to create your own videos, webinars or podcasts, formal, yet tailored media training will help hone your skills, boost your confidence and enable you to present professionally when faced with a camera or microphone.


Creating and delivering a PR plan can seem like a daunting task. If you’d like to draw on our collective experience for additional support with planning and an injection of fresh thinking, we can bring that to your table with our PR consultancy services. We work with a broad range of ideas, opportunities and media across many sectors and are always keen to share our expertise and help you realise the PR potential in your business.