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Thought leadership

Thought leadership programmes devised by the agency are a proven way to increase reputational awareness and generate new business leads, build organisational knowledge, establish management teams as visionaries and increase influence for companies among key stakeholders.

We start by considering the audiences for any campaign work, and thought leadership programmes are no different. Successful PR campaigns are reliant on the generation of compelling content and timing is key. Long turnaround time increases the danger of external events changing – meaning content becomes obsolete if not timely.

We undertake workshops within the agency to ensure campaign themes are industry-specific, solving a bold issue that is widely shared by others. It’s important to make sure that all participants identified by an organisation are committed to the programme so their buy-in is guaranteed. Whether it’s filmed content or written, the PR team at Mobas ensures that each piece is amplified through a variety of target publications and social media – be it LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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