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Approaching 2018 with optimism and wonder

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How to define 2018? Client Services Manager Jess Martin looks ahead, and poses the questions that need to be asked in the quest for transformational success during turbulent times.

Those of you who’ve met me will know that I’m a ‘glass half-full’ kind of girl. So while I look towards 2018 and another year of Brexit uncertainty, I’m determined to ask a positive question: how can we make this work for us, not against?

Naturally, when uncertainty is rife, high levels of importance are placed on efficiencies – work leaner, faster, smarter – and as marketers we beat ourselves up over the dilemma of trying to live by this mantra while still delivering fantastic results.

We recognise that efficiency can have a profound effect on brands and their marketing efforts – and that more than ever it is vital for any given investment to support tangible sales growth.

The good news is that during the current belt-tightening period, there certainly are ways that we can work strategically to achieve great success, deliver incredible results, hit targets and, dare I say it, even realise transformational growth.

But how, you ask? I refer back to my previous (if rather flippant) statement on efficiency. Be leaner, faster, smarter! It may seem almost impossible to work smarter when you already feel lean to the bone and, by extension, are working at twice the pace you’re accustomed to. But this is where you need to start, and it can be achieved, rather ironically, by taking time.

Take the time to step back, take stock and do a little house-keeping. Look at where your brand is and where it has been for the past three to five years. The questions to self will come thick and fast. How often have your revisited your purpose? Have you actually lost sight of that purpose? Have you considered your positioning? Could you be banging the marketing drum to a tune that is no longer in sync with your business, its aspirations and more importantly, your customers?

Take a pause, have a think, and keep questioning. Have you revisited your audiences? Have you thought about how they interact and transact with brands, not how you want them to or think they ought to?

At the risk of sounding like a doggedly annoying and questioning five-year-old, I’ll simply say the process is exactly what you need right now. More than ever, the quality of the outputs that you’re creating is paramount. You have to ensure that the activity you’re developing – the messaging, the creativity, the deployment – truly resonates with your target audience.

I recognise that this article may have prompted more questions than answers. And here, I have to come clean – that was kind of my intention. An objective view can be worth its weight in gold; and we have a team of strategic experts here at the agency that can help you achieve the step-change that your brand might just be crying out for.

So if this article does resonate with you and your brand, and you think we might be able to help, all I’ll say is one thing. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask the question!

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