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Content marketing strategy and planning

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By Peter Chaloner, Director of Digital, MobasIgnite

The benefits of content marketing

  • Drive more traffic to your owned digital media
  • Improve conversion rates to leads or clients
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Help position your company as a thought leader

A well planned content marketing strategy will enable you to reach out to more prospective customers while also improving engagement, brand awareness and loyalty. Conversion rates of visitor to lead are often improved simply by positioning your brand as a thought leader on a particular subject.

Multichannel distribution of content also plays a pivotal role in organic search and lead generation and, as technology advances, the choice of distribution channels increases. Leads can be attributed directly to articles and search making it simple to monitor your campaign’s success. When compared to other marketing channels content marketing is proven to be one of the most cost-effective channels for customer acquisition.

It is predicted that a quarter of all content consumed has been created by businesses to add value and strengthen their customer relationships. As content is shared or exchanged brands are rewarded through trust, loyalty and inbound search. Engagement can be measured across all channels which offers marketers the ability to continuously fine-tune and improve their campaigns.

Enhancements in technology have put the customer firmly in control. Content will be consumed when it’s convenient for them and on a platform of their choice – and a smart business will adapt its content strategy accordingly.

Mobas has a team of talented creative content curators, analytical marketers and analysts who love nothing better than to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in technology. Our role is to look strategically at your business goals, enabling us to develop and deploy engaging content marketing plans measured against agreed KPIs.

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