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How insurance products are viewed and chosen by consumers - A Mobas white paper in conjunction with CrowdCat

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A Mobas white paper in conjunction with CrowdCat

Mobas The Brand Transformation Agency has partnered with the science and insight specialist CrowdCat to provide our clients with powerful and ground-breaking psychological insights on their audiences and customers. Using their unique approach – Scalable Consumer Psychology – we can help brands understand and predict customer behaviour, and plan for growth accordingly. This marketing gold-dust means that communications strategies can benefit from razor-sharp insights on entire audiences, at a completely personalised level.

This Mobas white paper written by CrowdCat has been researched for the insurance market and deliberates the challenges marketers face when talking and appealing to the mass market and challenges the equilibrium of how we must be talking to consumers as individuals based on their own characteristics.


The insurance industry is increasingly dealing direct with consumers. This is due to changes in the IFA model, new direct and cross-selling opportunities at renewal, dynamic risk pricing, the use of technologies and apps, and the constant pattern of disruption of traditional selling models.

Never before has it been so important for providers to be close to their customers and to understand and predict the thinking and motivations of consumers. Scalable Consumer Psychology (SCP) captures mass audience personality models. It is now possible to get ‘under the hood’ of why consumers buy insurance, why they don’t and what really drives and affects their choices.


Trust has long been a key challenge when it comes to marketing insurance to consumers, but our research shines a new light on this issue. While it has been widely accepted that people often mistrust financial services providers, our findings show that we also don’t trust ourselves when it comes to making financial decisions.

“The provider that wins is not the one that tries to look trustworthy, but the one that inspires consumers to feel they can trust themselves,” says Richard Summers, Chief Scientist at CrowdCat, who led this piece of research.

Our findings also reveal some surprises when it comes to major attributes sought by the four key psychological segments that were identified and that are outlined in this paper. While ‘expertise’ in a provider is cited overwhelmingly by one group, being a ‘good listener’ is of the greatest importance to another audience.

Understanding how people perceive a particular attribute is also revealing. While one group equates expertise chiefly with being able to ‘inspire confidence’, almost the same number of people in a different segment equate expertise primarily with ‘listening carefully’.

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