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Mobas develops a new brand for Hawthorn

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Creative technical event production expert Hawthorn has revealed its new brand strategy, developed by Mobas, following the acquisition of a number of leading businesses in the industry.

With three UK locations and three brand names in use, there was a need to create a unified strategic brand proposition and strategy for Hawthorn, which meant much more than just a new logo.

Brand strategy specialists Mobas took the time to develop a deep understanding of the company across all of its locations. The Mobas process involved customer, staff and competitor research, coupled with two days of interactive workshop sessions with representatives from across the business, exploring the brand and business to create a strong company and brand from the inside out, with a shared vision, strategy and set of values.

It was key for the brand to unite the companies and workforces before any external rollout, and an internal engagement and communications programme was also developed to bring the teams together and help them understand the business’ vision.

The creative team at Mobas created a vibrant new brand identity to reflect the variety of events that the company helps to deliver.

Peter Boott, Hawthorn commercial director commented: “Having gone through a merger, there was considerable work to be done in consolidating our offering and bringing staff together. As you can imagine, this was proving challenging!

"Working with the Mobas team helped us get the headspace needed to tackle a project of this size. Though it wasn’t easy at times, the results have been fantastic and we really value the time spent in supporting our progress.

"We were impressed with how well the team understood us as a business; the analysis and recommendations delivered beyond our expectations – thorough, well thought-out and inspirational.

"Creating a visual identity for such an opinionated bunch was never going to be easy! But the ideas that Mobas presented were strong and gave lots of food for thought. The chosen route really reflects both our proposition and our values. It looks great, the team loves it and we’ve had great feedback from clients.”

Vikki Kent, Director of Brand and Strategy at Mobas says: “The project with Hawthorn was truly an inside-out approach, where we really got under the skin of the business. Following a merger, it was essential to understand the entire company’s strengths and the challenges it faced to create one brand proposition that truly encompassed what the business was about – creating amazing work to be proud of. From this we could create the visual elements of the brand that reflected the breadth of the offering and the style of the company. The project has had a significant impact internally, really helping to bring teams together.”

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