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The early bird gets the inches and the airtime

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The early bird catches the worm and, even in our world of 24 hour news, this old adage remains true. At 5am many broadcast producers will have empty slots on their schedules for the day and they want them filled. Listening to early morning news, reading the papers and websites are a good source of news. Journalists will also search Twitter for news stories, so remember to keep your corporate account up to date and use those hashtags!

It’s not just broadcasters who need to fill space and it’s up to companies, and their trusted PR agency, to help people working in the media find out about the stories and activities that are relevant to them. And that is the key to success – ensuring that what you send is not just relevant to that person, but provided in their preferred format, adopting the right tone and sent at the right time of day. You can be the proverbial ‘early bird’ at any time of the day, dependant on the deadlines and schedules of the media you are targeting. Emailing a standard press release at the same time to a list of hundreds of journalists pulled straight from a database is just not going to deliver the results, and is likely to annoy journalists who have to deal with hundreds of irrelevant emails every day.

It’s not just news stories that the media are interested in. One of our tried and trusted means of building relationships with individual journalists and producers is to develop a campaign to raise the profile of experts within your business as media spokespeople. This can involve providing proactive comment but also reacting to the news agenda - getting up at the crack of dawn to listen to the news and responding quickly with a well thought out and pitched comment.

Good quality spokespeople are like gold dust, individuals who can provide knowledgeable comment on news items are much sought after as they provide interest and different views to the day’s news. Campaigns of this nature require your PR team to work closely with the spokesperson to secure the opportunities but also ensure that it’s successful. A good interview will present your brand in a positive light while giving the journalist a point of view that keeps their listeners or readers engaged. And the beauty of a successful interview is that it, if it appears in the right place and followed up by the right level of PR activity, it can deliver many more opportunities.

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