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The Big Flea Project 2018

Following the success of The Big Tick Project that ran throughout 2017

Following the success of The Big Tick Project that ran throughout 2017, MSD Animal Health wanted to raise awareness of the diseases that the UK flea population carries, and as such, the risk that they pose to our nation’s pets and even their owners.

Targeting both vets and pet owners, the brand that this campaign carries needed to build upon the brand and campaign equity gained throughout the lifespan of The Big Tick Project.

This campaign’s objective was to complement and strengthen the messaging already in the public domain surrounding the risk of ticks, and use the awareness that had already been established to further communicate the risk that fleas pose.

We worked strategically to understand the KPIs that this campaign needed to deliver and worked closely alongside the MSD Animal Health marketing team to create a visually complementary brand that would further strengthen MSD’s preventative healthcare movement.

To ensure consistency and to strengthen Bravecto’s presence in the marketplace, we chose to build upon The Big Tick Project by creating its brother The Big Flea Project.

The visual identity was created to sit alongside its counterpart, but to provide standout and convey its subject matter clearly and immediately. The ‘scratch’ effect provided a visual cue for people to instantly relate to, not only to the disease element of the campaign, but also to the itchy nuisance that fleas are.

Tactically, we began the campaign by launching to vets with a Big Flea Project box – including all the information and apparatus they required to take part in the project – and an advertising campaign in vet press titles that promoted the campaign and recruited flea samples for The Big Flea Project study.

Following the recruitment phase, we then launched the campaign to pet owners with a waiting room campaign that promoted both The Big Flea and Big Tick Projects. All the campaign tactics provided brand recall for Bravecto while also remaining compliant at all times.

The campaign has, to date, been a great success with 100 more practices than forecast taking part in the project.

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