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Learner Driver Week

Launching an awareness week


The UK’s first Learner Driver Week initiative was developed by Mobas to position Marmalade, the leading young driver car insurance provider, as champions of young drivers and as a challenger brand in a highly competitive marketplace. 

The campaign was designed to be non-commercial and its goal was to increase brand awareness for Marmalade and its products. 


Mobas developed the concept of Learner Driver Week as an awareness campaign that Marmalade can own, however with a low commercial focus. 

We set about devising a logo, brand and microsite for Learner Driver Week logo, to enable the campaign to have its own identity separate from Marmalade coupled with a comprehensive PR programme and annual driver census to provide unique news and insights to promote the week and Marmalade. 

Mobas also brought partners and sponsors on board to support the campaign and add additional insight for learner drivers from a range of organisations and businesses. 


The week was really well received by both the media and young drivers. Through a targeted PR campaign, Mobas were able to secure over 50 items of coverage in UK media, including print and online coverage in national newspapers, trade publications and youth outlets. 

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