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Reynaers at Home architects campaign concept


Mobas was appointed by Reynaers at Home, a manufacturer of high-quality aluminium window and door frames for bespoke house-builds, to create a campaign specifically targeting architects. The brief was to create a campaign that was intriguing and made readers want to find out more.


After several creative sessions and huddles, we decided to be controversial in our headline – ‘energy efficiency doesn’t matter’. Energy efficiency is something that the architects are completely aware of as the builds need to meet strict ratings with regards to efficiency. Meeting these can sometimes have an impact on their freedom to design as consideration needs to be given to a build’s efficiency.

Our headline was designed to address something that our target audience are aware of as something that can restrict their freedom in design. Energy efficiency obviously does matter, but what does not need to be considered now is the impact it can have on design. All of the ratings have been considered during the manufacturing of the frames meaning that the architects are free to create whatever they want to create, with less impact on their designs from meeting efficiency ratings.

The adverts themselves also featured the architect’s final build and its beauty – with the foreground focus on the architects themselves, showing that they are the important part of the campaign.


This campaign was winner in the 'Best Branding and Positioning' category at the CMA awards.

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