Mobas Sustainability Policy

At Mobas, we’re committed to integrating sustainability into the core of our business operations and strategies.

Our dedication to sustainability reflects our responsibility towards the environment, our clients, our employees and the community at large. This policy outlines our approach to achieving sustainable practices in our work and promoting a culture of environmental awareness and social responsibility.


Vision and objectives

Our vision for sustainability is to be a leader in responsible business practices within the marketing and brand agency sector. We aim to:

  • Minimise our environmental footprint
  • Foster a sustainable working environment
  • Encourage our partners and clients to adopt sustainable practices
  • Contribute positively to our community


Areas of focus

  1. Environmental responsibility
    • Resource efficiency: Implement measures to reduce energy consumption in our offices. Promote the use of renewable energy sources where possible.
    • Waste management: Reduce waste generation through reuse and recycling initiatives. Plan for a future paperless office environment and manage electronic waste responsibly.
    • Sustainable travel: Encourage the use of public transport, cycling, walking and car-sharing among employees. Adopt technologies that allow for virtual meetings to minimise travel.
  1. Sustainable procurement
    • Prioritise purchasing products and services that are environmentally friendly, ethically produced and locally sourced to minimise our carbon footprint.
  2. Community engagement and social responsibility
    • Support local communities through volunteer work, sponsorships and partnerships with non-profit organisations focused on environmental conservation and social welfare.
    • Ensure fair employment practices within our supply chain and promote diversity and inclusion within our workplace.
  3. Client collaboration
    • Work with clients to develop marketing strategies that promote sustainability and environmental awareness.
    • Encourage clients to consider sustainable practices in their branding and operations.


Implementation and monitoring

  • Sustainability team: Establish a dedicated team / person responsible for implementing and monitoring the sustainability policy.
  • Employee engagement: Involve employees in sustainability initiatives and provide training on environmental awareness and practices.
  • Performance review: Regularly review our sustainability performance against established objectives and targets. Adjust strategies as needed to improve outcomes.
  • Reporting: Communicate our sustainability achievements and challenges to stakeholders through annual sustainability reports.


Continuous improvement

Mobas is committed to continuous improvement in our sustainability performance.

We’ll regularly review and update our sustainability policy to reflect new scientific knowledge, regulatory requirements and best practices. We’ll also commit to supporting local communities through sponsorship and fundraising.


Mobas pledges to uphold the principles outlined in this policy and to lead by example in our commitment to sustainability.

We recognise that our journey towards sustainability is ongoing, and we’re committed to making positive changes that benefit our planet, people and the communities in which we operate.

This policy is endorsed by the leadership team at Mobas and is effective as of 1st January 2024. It will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to ensure it remains aligned with our goals and objectives for sustainability.

Through the implementation of this policy, Mobas aims to achieve a balance between our business objectives and our responsibility towards the environment and society.

We invite our employees, clients and partners to join us in this commitment to sustainability and to work together towards a more sustainable future.


Mobas Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

At Mobas, our commitment to playing a constructive role within our community, backing charitable causes, and endorsing ethical and sustainable business practices is at the heart of our operations.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy reflects our dedication to making a meaningful difference in society and the environment. We’re proud of our partnerships with various charities and organisations, and our support for local sports initiatives.

Our CSR activities adhere to the principles set forth by the Good Business Charter and the Living Wage Foundation, illustrating our commitment to responsible and fair business practices.


Charitable support and community engagement

Mobas has a longstanding tradition of supporting charities that significantly impact our community. Our involvement with the following charities and initiatives demonstrates our commitment:

  • Magpas Air Ambulance: We support this critical service that delivers lifesaving care via air and land to patients in life-threatening emergencies across the East of England and beyond.
  • Petals: Our contributions support Petals in their essential work of providing specialised counselling for parents affected by pregnancy and baby loss.
  • Romsey Mill: By supporting Romsey Mill, we aid in creating opportunities for young people, children and families in Cambridgeshire, helping them to overcome challenges and achieve their potential.
  • Networking with Purpose: We participate in events that not only foster professional connections but also benefit charitable causes.
  • Hope Support Services: We support this organisation in its mission to aid young people when a close family member receives a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness.
  • Action Medical Research for Children: Our contributions help fund critical research to combat the diseases that devastate the lives of so many children.


Support for sport

Mobas recognises the unifying power of sport, and its ability to promote health and instil values of teamwork and discipline.

We are proud sponsors of Cambridge Rugby Union Club and Cambridge City FC, supporting both club’s efforts to nurture talent and foster a passion for rugby and football within the community.


rugby mobas


Ethical and sustainable business practices

Our pledge to ethical business practices is highlighted by our affiliation with the Good Business Charter, reflecting our commitment to responsible behaviours such as fair pay, employee well-being and ethical sourcing.

Furthermore, as members of the Living Wage Foundation, we ensure that all our employees are paid a living wage that reflects the real cost of living, underscoring our commitment to fairness and social equity.

Implementation and monitoring

  • CSR committee: A dedicated committee oversees the implementation of our CSR policy, identifies new charitable endeavours, and engages with community projects.
  • Employee involvement: We encourage our employees to take part in CSR activities, offering volunteer opportunities and supporting individual charitable efforts.
  • Transparency and reporting: Mobas is devoted to transparency regarding our CSR activities. We will regularly report on our initiatives, detailing our contributions and the impact of our efforts.


Continuous improvement

We commit to continually reviewing and improving our CSR initiatives to ensure they align with our values and the needs of the communities we serve. We welcome feedback from our stakeholders to enhance our CSR practices.

Mobas’s CSR policy is a testament to our commitment to positively impacting society while adhering to the highest ethical standards. Through our charitable support, community engagement and dedication to ethical business practices, we aim to be a force for good.

We’re proud of our achievements so far and look forward to making an even greater difference in the future.



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