Peter Bradley

Paid Search Manager

Peter joined Mobas’s Digital Media team in 2020, primarily dealing with search engine marketing Paid and Organic. Peter is also actively involved in our expanding digital analytics, user experience and business information services. Peter strives to not only provide an efficient return on media spend but also to help clients understand the mindset and actions of their customers.

Peter started his digital career in the early 90s, trading in the publishing world for the digital world. He has worked client-side, for media owners and agency-side. His work has covered national and international from introducing Cadbury to digital marketing to worldwide digital strategy for Samsung. A constant innovator he believed digital was the future almost 30 years ago and no-one has managed to change his mind yet.

With a true 360 view of media, he strives to join the dots both physical and metaphysical. Peter likes nothing better than to help clients and his Mobas colleagues to understand how data and digital working together can make brands succeed. His mantra is to let the data set change your mindset. 

What makes a Mobee?

I think you know when a Mobee is in the room. There’s a real energy about our business; we question, we learn and we really support our clients and each other for the best outcome. Lorna Hopkins, Client Director
There should be a genuineness about a Mobee. A Mobee is open and honest and a good communicator. They should also recognise everyone else’s skillsets. Clive Weatherley, Head of Copy
Being a Mobee is about being yourself; having confidence in your convictions and understanding that your creative ideas, unique skills and honest opinions are valuable to every other person in the room. We are all equal. Jay Evans, Head of PR
A Mobee is someone you always want in the room, because they bring energy, create an impact and support you in what you’re trying to achieve, no matter how big or small the challenge. Katie Vickery, Head of Brand Strategy and Insight
Mobees challenge the status quo, disrupt conventional ways of thinking and are constantly searching for new ways to solve problems. Olly Cooper, Head of Digital Marketing