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Mobas really took the time to get a deep understanding of our business. Rather than rushing straight into the design phase, they put our existing brand values and beliefs to the test, through comprehensive research including customer, supplier and employee interviews. Whilst this approach affirmed a number of things we already knew, it also uncovered an emotional element that many of our customers felt when purchasing tickets from us, and this really helped shape the whole look and essence of the new brand. As market leader for over 15 years and having served over 4 million customers via Attraction Tickets Direct, there was a significant risk in changing the brand. We had to find the balance between attracting new customers with a more contemporary look and feel, whilst continuing to appeal to our core audience. This created some limitations, but Mobas were excellent in adapting to these restrictions, whilst ensuring that the new brand was still a significant step forward. As a business we are delighted with the results. Not only do we now have a new brand that we can be really proud of, but the whole process with Mobas was enjoyable from start to finish. Chris Bradshaw, Sales & Marketing Director, ATD Travel Services

An appetite for change

Founded in 2002, Attraction Tickets Direct delivered tickets for some of the world’s leading attractions, including Orlando, Florida, New York and many more. While the company had seen success with its existing brand, there was an appetite for change and a requirement to bring the brand up to date, so that it could be seen as so much more than its USA offering.

Strategy at the heart

Strategy at the heart

The process began with a thorough research phase, including interviews with staff and customers alike, in order to really get under the skin of the brand and understand what made Attraction Tickets Direct different. Mobas also interrogated the brand name and how this resonated with the audience and stood out in the marketplace. Using the research findings, Mobas conducted a workshop with the wider team and as a result delivered a newly defined brand, encompassing the brand’s vision, mission, personality traits, values and, crucially, the brand essence.

Attraction Tickets Direct

Building on an established brand

The appetite to change the visual brand existed but, with there being existing equity within the existing brand name and visual identity, Mobas trod the line between moving the brand forward and keeping the brand true to its roots and, as a result, developed a new visual brand that was fitting for its newly defined proposition and the new brand name, Attraction Tickets.

Injecting magic

It was important that the new brand resonated with existing customers, but also drew in new customers who would be drawn to the wider offering that Attraction Tickets presented: tickets to global attractions and hotels, not just Disney attraction tickets. Mobas developed a bold and vibrant visual style to support the brand, with a digital-first approach given that the brand is mainly consumed through digital media. This also included movement within the visual styling for this reason. This new styling allowed a level of flexibility for the brand’s different offerings, while injecting magic into the supporting brand visuals.

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