Habit Action are an office design and build company who go above and beyond to ensure that business spaces work as efficiently as possible for employees and clients. They bring inspiration to the workspace through updated design and the use of space and furniture to drive growth within the business and allow employees to flourish.

"Since working with Mobas over the past few months, our focus on elevating the brand and extending our brand experience to every touchpoint throughout our client’s journeys has been a huge focus for us. With the website often being one of the first interactions people have with our brand, we wanted to make sure our voice was consistent, and that the user experience gave people exactly what they were looking for. Mobas have worked very closely with us to achieve this and we’re really happy with the way the website now looks and functions for us." Bonita Hibbert, Head of Marketing, Habit Action

The brief

The company has transformed over the past few years, updating their brand, tone of voice and brand visuals to reflect their transition in the marketplace. This meant that the Habit Action website needed a bit of a refresh in terms of look and feel, structure and content. Mobas was asked to support in updating their current website to reflect the newer brand – to make it consistent with their new collateral and more suited to their updated offering.

Our transformative approach

Mobas carried out a workshop with the client to review the current website. It was important for us to look at what was working, what wasn’t working, what we could reuse and what we needed to replace. We printed out every page of the site and laid it out on the floor in front of us to look at the site as a whole and review the content and look and feel. We discussed search engine optimisation, ensuring the pages had enough content to rank in Google; user journeys and goals, to make sure we were delivering what our audiences needed; and decided our approach for the updated website and how we could make the pages work harder to drive more conversions.

We then went away to create new updated designs based on the structural decisions we’d made in the workshop. Once the designs were approved we went into the build phase, reworking the website and its pages ready for the updated visual images and content.

We worked with the client to ensure the content delivered its objectives across the pages and worked within the new blocks and structure to guide users to watch testimonials and find out further information on client projects.

Results delivered

The site has now gone live and has driven Habit Action’s first new lead through the website. It’s working as a much better marketing tool to drive conversation for new business leads and reflects the brand, the business and its team.

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