Identifying the opportunity

With a visionary concept guiding them, Ellgia briefed and aligned Mobas with their market conditions, customer segments, product/service offerings, and competition. It quickly became evident that major players in their sector were investing in digital infrastructure to drive growth and secure market share.

Crafting the solution

True to Mobas’s ethos, our solutions are crafted around audience needs and business objectives. Our mission was to engineer technical solutions that could enhance user experience and streamline business processes, with key objectives in mind:

  • Creation of a new 24/7 online sales and lead generation system.
  • Improving customer experience: providing customers with more ways to contact and self-serve.
  • Enhancing customer communication across platforms and data touchpoints.
  • Elevating data collection and analysis.
  • Reducing costs through process automation.
  • Establishing a single customer view for interactions across all touchpoints.

To achieve these objectives, we conducted a series of workshops designed to capture key information related to each goal. We brought together stakeholders from marketing, sales, customer services and IT to discuss and explore current processes and technical capabilities, identifying areas for improvement and creating a development roadmap and cost estimates.

On time and on budget delivery

Reviewing each business area’s requirements, we crafted a customer journey map aligning with Ellgia’s objectives. Recognising the need for an integrated platform, we recommended HubSpot. Soon after, we presented Ellgia with a roadmap and plan for implementing the following via HubSpot:

  • A new website to engage B2B and B2C audiences (skip hire ecommerce).
  • New CRM configuration and implementation.
  • Data migration of customer and prospect data.
  • Sales pipeline creation and workflows.
  • Automation and nurture programs.
  • Customer service tools: chatbot, shared inbox.
  • Inbound digital marketing campaigns including SEO, PPC and remarketing.
  • Custom reporting.
Ellgia digital transformation
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System training and onboarding

As an accredited HubSpot-guided onboarding and training partner, Mobas provided a series of training workshops recorded for future use, along with user guides and documentation.

Customer benefits

Our client now enjoys a seamlessly integrated digital ecosystem perfectly tailored to meet their business and customer needs. Notable benefits include:

  • Online sales and ordering skips across multiple UK depots.
  • Centralised recording of customer information via CRM.
  • An intelligent inbound paid search campaign centred around depot demand.
  • A lead generation engine for B2B sales teams.
  • Digital dashboards and KPI reporting for all teams and business owners.

This case study exemplifies how Mobas, in collaboration with Ellgia, has transformed their digital landscape, providing lasting benefits and ensuring a strong competitive position in the waste management and recycling sector.

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