Pernaton, a range of green-lipped mussel products, has long been seen as a brand for older generations – targeted at conditions such as aching bones and muscles. However, upon wider research in the first quarter of 2020, Mobas discovered, alongside our client, that the product was effective for use with other conditions such as fibromyalgia, lupus and even the joint aching caused at the early stages of menopause.

Identifying the issue

The team began with researching the effects of Fibromyalgia – a chronic pain condition, with no cure and little understanding, that is controlled by GPs with pain medication to try to keep the patient comfortable, able to sleep and to live a more comfortable life.

Following the research, the Mobas team used the power of social media to find a group of people who are living with Fibromyalgia and arthritis. Creating a focus group that would provide insight into living with the condition, and a team of people to trial the range of Pernaton products.


Gathering information

Over the course of six weeks, the team remained in contact with the people on the trial of the product to see how the products had faired with helping to control their condition. Notes of the experiences were kept and monitored.

During this process, Mobas and Pernaton developed a relationship with the case study users and this gave a real-life insight into how this amazing green-lipped mussel extract gel and capsules worked for them. This insight gave us the opportunity to build a story around their experiences for the media.

Delivering results

Following the trails, Mobas worked with the case studies to build stories around the product and how it had helped them. One of those case studies was Jenny, an author and businesswoman, in isolation with six children and suffering from multiple chronic pain disorders. Her story was one of the strongest of all; the product had helped her to sleep at night, she was napping less in the day to get through the pain and her ease of movement had seen a dramatic 

Jenny achieved multiple placements with her amazing story and even became the front cover image and a full page article in a North East newspaper glossy pull out telling her amazing story. Jenny, being a young and vibrant business woman, has helped, alongside other PR activity, to bring a new audience to this brand and helped Pernaton to move out of the older generation market. 

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