Keeping Britain’s Pets Healthy (KBPH) is an initiative created my MSD Animal Health to support pet owners across the UK. Soft-launched in 2019, the brand has been visible on printed and digital media driving people, however the social media platforms have had inconsistent levels of activity. 

Laying foundations

MSD approached Mobas in Q1 if 2020 to create an interim content strategy that would lay foundations for further growth on the channels as well as increase brand awareness of KBPH on social platforms.

Laying foundations

Building a strategy

The aim of the strategy was to: 

  • Be a reliable and trusted source of information for general pet wellbeing and parasite prevention advice
  • Support veterinary partners by creating quality, engaging and shareable materials that are useful to pet owners
  • Provide light relief during a difficult time that would increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Drive users to the KBPH website 

With pet owners across Britain being asked to stay at home (and spend more time with their pets), there was a timely opportunity for more tailored content. Although unable to comment or advise on COVID-19, Mobas developed a content strategy that would share fun, engaging content to help pet owners make the most of the unprecedent quality time together. Content themes focused on exercise, nutrition, wellbeing and fun and games with bright and colourful creative developed to support each post.

Delivering results

A consistent posting schedule on Facebook has seen the page increase in all key metric categories including new likes, engagement, and impressions laying a solid foundation for the platform to build on in 2021. The content has received close to 1 million impressions in four months. 

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