Transform the behaviour of target audiences

MSD enjoys a market-leading position. However, a lack of education among pet owners and new entrants to the OTC market has increased the need for MSD to deliver both B2B and B2C campaigns that transform the behaviour of those being targeted. For pet owners, shifting the perception of veterinary services from an emergency service to a preventative healthcare mindset through messaging, events, and an increase in knowledge. For practices, empowering front-of-house staff to share their expertise with pet owners and make an informed choice when prescribing a product. For internal sales teams, how to move from a product to a range sales focus.

National B2C campaigns

Working closely with the Companion Animal Marketing Team and the wider sales team, Mobas has used its rich experience in this sector to get under the skin of audiences both in practice and consumers. This insight has allowed the creation of national B2C campaigns, and the creation of B2B tools, campaigns and messaging that support education within national accounts and local practices.

The launch of new products has been supported by strategic workshops involving sales managers, the marketing team and senior management. These sessions help establish where each new product sits within the MSD portfolio and the marketplace, and to identify the key messages that will drive adoption. Mobas workshops have become a recognised step in the development of go-to-market strategies.

On time and on budget delivery

As a long-term partner across its companion animal and livestock divisions, Mobas has celebrated many successes with MSD. Product launches are delivered to time and budget and have been universally successful, driving high levels of acceptance by vets and considerable buy-in by consumers.

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