The North East London Cancer Alliance (NEL CA) has a remit to improve and transform cancer patient pathways from prevention through to end-of-life care. The LGBTIQ+ community are poorly represented within the public healthcare messaging arena, except when it comes to sexual health awareness. There was, therefore, a need to target this community to build trust and understanding of the importance of breast cancer screening. 

Defining the challenge

Cervical and breast cancer screening come with several barriers for trans and non-binary people. Lack of information on who is eligible, not receiving an invite, and gender dysphoria are just some of the barriers that might prevent someone attending a screening that could potentially find cancer at an earlier stage when it’s more treatable. These, coupled with a mistrust in providers and a lack of awareness of personal risk, do affect the intention to attend mammography.

Confidence where it counts

NEL CA was looking to develop a campaign to increase the awareness of eligibility, as well as highlight the importance of attending breast / chest cancer screening, when invited, for the LGBTIQ+ community. The campaign targets: LGBTIQ+ people between 50 and 71 years old (who are in the target bracket for screening); people eligible for breast screening; people who may be non-attenders; and people without breasts. 



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As an initial phase, Mobas developed and facilitated the delivery of qualitative co-creation workshops. The focus of these sessions was to explore barriers and experiences of screening appointments, generate creative ideas collaboratively and gain feedback on initial creative options with representatives from the LGBTIQ+ community. This insight was imperative to the development of the concept whereby we’ve led with person-focused photos, that are positive, warm and friendly with the models in a confident and empowered stance. This coupled with informative and educational hints and tips from direct experiences aims to provide comfort and empowerment during a breast cancer screening appointment.  

Video content has also been developed, as this is an optimum medium to allow members of the community to discuss their experiences and future intentions to attend screening and its benefit.

This campaign launched in autumn 2022 utilising a number of mediums – including targeted social media, out of home activity in North East London, and supporting LGBTIQ+ channels.

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