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Saville Group


An MBO was the first step in a transformative journey for Saville Audio Visual. The new management team inherited a successful £40 million business encompassing live event production and AV integration, working with some of the UK’s biggest names. Its marketing and branding though was outdated and undersold this vibrant business. Mobas was called in to work with the new management team to deliver transformation.


The Mobas solution was not imposed, but came from within the business. We always start with ‘Discovery’ and in this case that involved some 200 survey responses and interviews, several workshops, a thorough review of key markets and competitors, and close working with the new management team to understand their vision for the firm. We didn’t ‘invent’ new brand personas, but revealed the huge strengths that the businesses already had, highlighting those that chime with market needs and bringing them confidently to the fore.


Gone is the dated Saville AV identity. In its place are three new visual identities and allied websites. Saville Group takes on a sophisticated heritage persona to become the new parent brand, with Mobas developing two new brands – Sparq and Visavvi – to free the company’s live events business and the AV systems specialists to bring a fresh and confident approach to their individual markets. The brands have been successfully delivered in close partnership through a programme of brand ambassadors.


The result is a company reshaped for the modern era and fully equipped to take the lead in its core sectors. Despite their radical nature, the new brands have been lauded by staff, customers and industry commentators. The Saville team has also taken steps to address key operational and structural issues identified by Mobas as part of its strategic review: making changes which will bring significant benefits to the business

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